Now here is our story.

Its simple, We. Love. Video Games and no one can change that. The reality is Video Games are better, together. Our vision for Local Legends Gaming is to encourage couch co-op style gaming where gamers from all kinds of diverse backgrounds come together to play in person and not just from our game rooms or mancaves over the internet. We wanted to bring back the ability to high-five or even smile at the person you just beat. Being mobile we add an even cooler twist that we can take this wonderful experience all over. So let’s #DoSomethingLegendary together. Game On!

Family owned and operated. Husband and Wife AbdulRasheed & Brianna Yahaya founded Local Legends Gaming on National Video Game day Sept 12th, 2017 and had their Grand Opening Sept 23rd with just one video game truck. A year later they began building Local Legends Gaming Center & event space in the Historic Main St. storefront building with two levels near Westport Rd in Kansas City, MO. With a grand opening planned for late 2018.

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