Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Rules

Tournament Structure 


  • Single-Elimination Bracket (Bracket format subject to change dependent on number of entries) 
    Players will Play with up to 4 player per stations. 
  • A game ends when all players have completed a race, or time runs out, which ever happens first.
  • A match ends when all four races in a Grand Prix have been completed.
  • Player names must be appropriate for public viewing.
  • A tournament organizer or administrator reserves the right to ask a player to change the contents of their in-game name at any time.

Grand Prix Rules

  • Racers: 4 Per Screen
  • Single Elimination 
  • Mode: VS Race
  • Class: 150cc
  • Teams: Off
  • Items: Normal 
  • CPU: Off
  • Courses: Players Choice
  • Grand Prix: 4 Races (6 Races for Grand Finals)
  • Smart Steering: Off
  • Auto-accelerate: Off
  • Motion Controls: Your Choice
  • Nintendo Switches provided only on the main stage, you may bring your own controller but Joy-Con will be provided

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